Driving home for Christmas with an iconic Carrera from TAG Heuer

Driving home for Christmas with an iconic Carrera from cheap fake TAG Heuer.

‘Iconic’ is the most misused word in the marketing of fine wristwatches. Many replica watches online uk – even within the watch world – do not guarantee a high degree of recognisability and all kinds of lively associations with tension and sensation. The luxury copy Rolex Daytona (racing) maybe, the Omega Speedmaster (moon mission) and the Cartier Tank (first world war) also. It’s the exceptions that prove the rule.

And the Carrera from AAA replica TAG Heuer of course. The basis of the sleek, easy-to-read design comes from the time when the mechanical timepiece was essential for time and speed registration and (including) navigation. The Heuer company supplied tough Autavia instrument panels that dragged drivers through the race, such as during the best 1:1 fake TAG Heuer Carrera Panamericana, a race run from the northern to southern borders of Mexico between 1950 and 1954. The route passed through ravines, swamps and bandits. They slept with one eye open by the side of the road; and the next day I hit the gas again.
The attraction, besides the danger, was that everything was extremely basic and, yes, still nice and mechanical. Adventure at its best: the car had to be maintained and repaired on site, often provisionally. The ANWB or even an ambulance? Forget it.

Jack Heuer, the founder’s great-grandson, had heard the Native American stories first-hand and spent several years brooding on a design that would do justice to the adventurous wear and tear. The breakthrough came when a crystal manufacturer suggested a steel tension ring to hold the glass in place. The inside of the tension ring turned out to be well suited to display the 1/5 second tachymeter lines. This created a simpler and cleaner dial and, combined with the recessed sub-dials, added extra dynamism to the design. The high quality fake TAG Heuer Carrera, which has since been associated with ingenuity, robustness and pure guts, finally made its debut in 1964. It became an instant classic.

Since then, the collection has expanded considerably, with chronographs, but also with designs that only show date and/or day. The price is appropriate: there is already a very iconic UK Swiss movement fake TAG Heuer Carrera with a diameter of 41 mm from € 2,750. The latest models are available online and at the Schaap en Citroen jewelers.

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