Into the Deep with UK Cheap Replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 1000 Superdiver


Into this inhospitable environment enters an incredible 45mm slab of titanium, the UK 1:1 fake TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 1000 Superdiver. From first glance, it’s clear that this watch is a physical manifestation of top copy TAG Heuer’s promise not to crack under pressure. The crown guard and helium escape valve are early indicators that this is not a watch to be messed with, and the vivid orange highlights on the hands and the ceramic bezel, as well as the sheer quantity of luminous material, indicate that this is a fake watch made for the extremes.

Given all this, it’s somewhat surprising just how much this Superdiver looks like its less pressure-proof cousins in the cheap replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer family, and how well this larger and exceptionally serious bit of dive kit fits on the wrist. And that’s because, unsurprisingly, TAG Heuer replica for sale UK has taken a lot of care and consideration in making this watch a natural (if extreme) extension of the Aquaracer.

Guy Bove, Swiss made replica TAG Heuer’s Creative Director, explains just what went into making this diver super. “Well, we start with the case. Obviously, the material thicknesses are quite different, especially the sapphire glass, which is quite a bit thicker. Some of the work that goes into designing it is trying to keep a super clone watch that will look right on the wrist, but adjusting a few angles here and there to make sure it sits properly, since it’s getting thicker.”

While making a case that can handle the intense pressures found 1,000m down isn’t too hard, achieving it on a high quality fake TAG Heuer that’s wearable top side is a little trickier. But Bove discovered that some structural elements, like the thick crystal, add to the aesthetic appeal. “What’s interesting is the sapphire glass gets a bit more of a box glass look because it gets thicker. It brings a bit of charm to the watch. On top of that, we’ve added details to make it more readable at depth.

The first place you can see that is on the bezel. We’ve included the orange marking on the first 15 minutes. From there, moving in towards the dial, you can see the orange seconds hand; we’ve added some visibility to that. And then, if you look at the hour hand, it’s actually the same hour hand that we have on the AAA replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300. But here, we’ve extended the angle coming back from the tip and brought it in to create the arrow shape to have an even clearer differentiation between the hour and the minute hands. If you look at the Professional 300, it has a dagger-type hand; this is the same geometry, except that we’ve extended the edges, the segments of the tip further back and brought them directly inwards to create the arrow. There’s a huge difference between the hour and the minute hand. The minute hand has gone orange as well.”

The revamped Aquaracer Professional 300, released last year, was a strong starting platform for perfect fake TAG Heuer to create the Superdiver, but it was only a start. Bove explains, “The 300 was an excellent base for the Superdiver. We’ve adjusted a few things around the dial and the case, like adding a helium escape valve. Obviously, on the right, you can see the crown protector. What we’ve done is, the part of the guard on the right of the crown is basically connected to the crown, and it rides with it.

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