New Luxury Fake TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Year Of The Dragon Watches UK

In anticipation of the upcoming Lunar New Year, which heralds the reign of the dragon, TAG Heuer unveils a limited edition duo of timepieces. The two perfect TAG Heuer replica watches come with a red sub dial and hour marker detailing, with red alligator straps. The running seconds subdial also feature a ‘Dragon’ character in calligraphy script.


The fake TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Year of the Dragon is a limited edition watch that is set to be launched in November 2023 to celebrate the Lunar New Year of 2024, which is the Year of the Dragon. The watch has a 42mm case and is powered by the Calibre Heuer 02 automatic movement. The high quality UK copy TAG Heuer special edition watches is unique with its red colorway and Dragon motifs. The hour markers, subdials and seconds hand are in red. The dragon calligraphy at the running seconds subdial is a nice touch to show the special edition. At the back, a dragon print see through glass is used.

The watch is a good way to celebrate the Dragon year without being too ostentatious. For fans of the best TAG Heuer Carrera replica watches, who are looking for something more special, this is a good option to consider. In particular, those who follow the zodiac or want to commemorate the Dragon year which returns every 12 years.

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Crafted in gold and steel, these top TAG Heuer super clone watches pay homage to Chinese culture and the success embodied by the Chinese Dragon, which unmistakably parallels TAG Heuer’s Carrera success story. Thus, TAG Heuer adeptly blends its racing heritage with the cultural significance of the Chinese Dragon, resulting in a watch that radiates majesty and celebration. A true connection is born and resonates, much to the delight of the brand’s enthusiasts.

The steel version of the Swiss movements TAG Heuer replica watches boasts a sunray-brushed silver dial while the gold version radiates with its sunray-brushed 18K 5N pink gold-plated dial. Both are adorned with rhodium plated and 18K 5N pink gold plated indexes accentuated by a sumptuous red lacquer creating a harmonious blend. The distinct red “azuré” subdials at 3 and 9 o’clock add a captivating contrast with the dial, mirroring the emblematic reverse panda design. The central red lacquered hand gracefully dances on the dial, drawing attention to the discreet yet significant calligraphic dragon character at 6 o’clock – a representation deeply intertwined with Chinese culture, continuously evoking notions of strength and prosperity. This emblem not only pays homage to tradition but also exemplifies AAA UK TAG Heuer fake watches’ commitment to honoring heritage within a contemporary design.

The caseback design is fully customized to reveal a printed Chinese Dragon figure around the sapphire glass. Around it, are special engravings to indicate the watch’s limited release, “Limited Edition” along “One of 300” for the steel version and “One of 50” for the more exclusive 18K 5N pink gold version. The 1:1 TAG Heuer replica watches‘ movement, the Calibre Heuer 02, is visible through this stunning caseback. Developed and produced in-house by TAG Heuer, it offers great timekeeping precision and performance thanks to its vertical clutch and column wheel. With its 80-hour power reserve, it is intended to support any thrilling lifestyle. An alligator leather strap in an elegant red complements the steel and 18K 5N pink gold cases’, enhancing the watch’s sophisticated and racing allure.

A special box was imagined to house this exceptional cheap replica TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph watches, Year of the Dragon, in the same profound red color as the watch, and elevated with the Chinese Dragon symbol in an elegant beige.

In the heart of the Year of the Dragon, TAG Heuer brings forth timepieces that embrace a legacy deeply intertwined with the Chinese culture. These 2023 China TAG Heuer fake watches are not mere accessories; they are symbolic tributes to a year of power, luck, and prosperity.

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