TAG And Bamford Set Sail For Rowing Blazers Collaboration With 2023 High Quality Replica TAG Heuer Limited Edition Watches UK

Rowing Blazers has teamed up with Bamford Watch Department and TAG Heuer to create a limited edition 42mm AAA UK TAG Heuer “Yacht-Timer” Carrera replica watches.

Inspired by the iconic Heuer Yacht-Timer worn by competitive sailors at important regattas in the ‘60s and ‘70s, the top Swiss fake TAG Heuer watches riffs on the Yacht-Timer’s famous color scheme: a white dial, bright blue text, and hits of red, blue, green, and pale yellow — denoting 1-minute sections on the original Yacht-Timer, and reimagined for the Rowing Blazers Carrera as register colors for the Chronograph.

The TAG Heuer Rowing Blazers Carrera replica watches for sale also adopts the Yacht-Timer’s use of cross-hatching on the colors — an effect reminiscent of the “Ben Day dots” used in comic book art and Pop Art.

“I’ve always loved the Heuer Yacht-Timer — both for its sporting origins and its very Rowing Blazers color scheme, but also because there’s something very Roy Lichtenstein about the way the colors are rendered,” said Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson, who designed the cheap TAG Heuer copy watches with Bamford and Wind.

“Eric loves vintage Heuer stopwatches too, and we’ve dreamed of producing our own watch in the style of these amazing pieces. It’s a dream to work with TAG Heuer and Bamford to make this a reality.”

Eric Wind added, “This luxury TAG Heuer fake watches has become one of my favorites to wear. I am confident it will sell out quickly and would encourage any interested individuals to act fast and not miss it.”

George Bamford, founder of Bamford Watch Department, added: “I’ve always loved the Rowing Blazers brand and it has been such an honor working with them to create this unique Swiss movements TAG Heuer super clone watches.

“I have secretly been wearing it on my wrist for the last couple of months, and every time it catches my eye I am reminded how much I have enjoyed this collaboration.”

Only 99 units are available for sale on the Rowing Blazers website.

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