TAG Heuer Is Bringing Wear OS 3 To Its Connected Calibre E4 Smart Fake Watches UK For Sale

Watchmaker TAG Heuer has announced that it is rolling out a huge new Wear OS 3 update to its best replica TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 smartwatches.

The new update will bring all of the Google Wear OS 3 hotness to existing AAA cheap fake TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 watches, the company said via press release. But because the update is such a big one it’ll mean setting it up afresh and using a whole new app to do it.

That’s because the current high quality TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 replica watches are running on Wear OS 2 and those who have the wearables already set up will be using the Wear OS app on their phone. Anyone who updates their Connected Calibre E4 to Wear OS 3 will need to ditch that app and instead download the TAG Heuer Connected app and set everything up from there.

However, perfect TAG Heuer copy watches does confirm that those who don’t get the update will continue to function as before, using the same app as always.

Those that do get the update can look forward to a faster setup, a new notification interface, additional customisation options including complications, and more. There’s also a new quick settings shade that includes new modes such as Bedtime.

All of that will be available via the free Wear OS 3 update, but it doesn’t appear that update will be fully available until 27 March. In terms of compatible Swiss made TAG Heuer replica watches, anything based on the Connected Calibre E4 is good to go concluding the Sport, Golf, and Porsche editions. Those with the older luxury UK TAG Heuer Connected super clone watches are going to be out of luck, however, and will need to consider whether it’s time to upgrade to something new in order to get all the latest software fun.

Teddy Florent, Managing Director Connected Watch: “As TAG Heuer, we strive to deliver the most exciting premium top replica TAG Heuer Connected watches and this by simplifying the experience for our users and by providing the most premium and intuitive interface. This new software update is a major step towards that direction.” Sounds good to us!

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