The Importance of Replica TAG Heuer’s New Face: Bella Hadid

Jean-Claude Biver adds super model, Bella Hadid to the ranks of TAG Heuer ambassadors to further the brand’s cultural influence in reaching a younger, dynamic audience.

So, two big news items about replica TAG Heuer watches on the website today, and in prompt succession. One is, this. And the other is as follows.

Think of the one name, which comes to mind when you consider the world of mega super models today. Could we suggest that this name that you have in your mind right now is that of one the Hadid sisters’?

Both Gigi and Bella have barely hit their twenties and already their influence in pop-culture is on a global scale that few others can lay claim to. 21 and 20, respectively, btw — yup, time to ask yourself what you managed to accomplish by the time you were 20. What’s even more impressive is that their influence isn’t simply confined to the universe of fashion runways. Rather it’s transcended into many other circles of interest, such as, film and the immense landscape of social media.

And this is exactly where TAG Heuer has made the right move by appointing, one half of the Hadid sisters — Bella Hadid to be specific — as the new face of the brand.

The classical formula for brands and companies has always been to garner the ambassadorship of well-known individuals in a particular field in order to gain an audience in that given field. While that remains a tried and proven approach, it is worth thinking about the fact that in today’s hyper connected world, there’s more to be gained from an ambassador whose influence reaches far beyond his/her profession.

In this regard, it is worth saying that Bella’s name is known not only by those with an interest in the space of high fashion but plenty other people with interests far outside of this immediate subject matter.

It’s the sort of foresight that has almost become common place with TAG Heuer’s incredible helmsman, Jean-Claude Biver. Mr. Biver himself was represent at the announcement event, held at the Equinox Bond Street, a trendsetting fitness club used during New York Fashion Week.

Having made the announcement, and after quick round of shadow boxing with Bella, Mr. Biver proceed to speak of Bella, saying, “”I am delighted to welcome Bella into the family of TAG Heuer ambassadors. Having Bella on the team enables me to reconnect UK cheap fake watches TAG Heuer with the Millennials and young generations…We need someone like Bella to help us capture the bold and confident spirit of young people today. Thank you for joining us, Bella, welcome to the team!”

So, we see that Mr. Biver’s plan to have Bella on his side was never just about bringing TAG Heuer’s name into world of high-end, avant-garde fashion. It was also so that the brand might continuously draw closer to a new generation, which has yet to become replica TAG Heuer customers.

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