The Replica TAG Heuer Mikrograph Watches UK, A 1/100th Of A Second Chronograph For Wrist, Desk, And Dashboard


We’re out in Las Vegas this weekend for the Couture Watch And Jewelry Show (follow behind the scenes here) and while much of the product on display is merchandise we’ve seen before, there are always a few under-the-radar gems that make a first showing here – this high-end Heuer is one such example. What we have here is new Heuer (no “TAG” anywhere on this dial!) chronograph capable of displaying up to 1/100th of a second. Now you may remember some years ago that Heuer’s HH department (haute horlogerie) was producing some truly insane high speed chronographs (remember this thing? Just wild!), but since the arrival of Mr. Biver, Cheap Fake TAG Watches UK has put the focus on accessibility. This, however, brings us back to Heuer from a few years ago, and you’ve got to love it.

-TAG Heuer Mikrograph__

This is the TAG Heuer Automatic Mikrograph Convertible Chronograph. It is capable of measuring up to 1/100th of a second while keeping COSC accuracy. Its self-winding caliber was first seen in 2011 at Only Watch and it features two independent escapements to make it happen. To see a Mikrograph in use is just awesome – the chrono hand flies around the dial so quickly as to become almost invisible. While the movement was first launched in a piece unique and then in a $50,000 limited edition, we now have a new Mikrograph that brings us back to Heuer’s roots as a motorsports timer. And it’s worth remembering by the way that the first Cheap Replica TAG Heuer Mikrograph was made in 1916 – the world’s first 1/100 second stopwatch (although it’s also worth remembering that French watchmaker Louis Moinet made a 1/60 second stopwatch all the way back in the 1820s – auctioned by Christie’s Geneva in 2012).

-TAG Heuer Mikrograph

The 45 mm chronograph, which comes on a beautiful grey racing strap, can be removed from its case by a few simple turns. From there, the watch can be placed into a desk holder, or even better, mounted on your dashboard! And yes, the watch comes with cases for both, so you can simply slide the mega-chronograph into place with ease.

-TAG Heuer Mikrograph-

The movement here is a real gem, and this is a fantastic piece of work for the price – $21,000. Only 100 pieces will be made, and they will be available beginning this September. Unfortunately TAG did not have a sample of either the desktop or dashboard holders for this chronograph, but we will try to follow up to show you those as soon as possible.

-TAG Heuer Mikrograph_

Regardless, this a neat chronograph for those who may want something mechanical with them at work and in their car, and the 1/100th of a second chronograph is nothing to be scoffed at – nor is the price. Nice to see Replica TAG Watches still offering something like this in the collection, and while no details are available anywhere else, the pricing and availability reported here comes directly from TAG, so if you’d like one, call your AD soon.

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