Time To Tee Off Streetwear Style With The UK Luxury TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Malbon Golf Edition Fake Watches

Golf and watches have been a hotly debated topic, with luxury watches being a common part of the conversation considering the oft-deep-pocketed demographic. The cheap UK replica TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Golf Edition watches was released in 2022 and has gone on to be a rather popular selection amongst golf players and fans alike. Its integrated apps to assist your swing or keep track of scores have added a new layer to what is a growing sport. TAG Heuer has been instrumental with this TAG Heuer fake watches for sale in bringing wearable technology to the golf course while retaining its luxury appeal, a hard thing to do with a smartwatch. In doing so, that inevitably brings a younger audience, and I’m fairly sure that these younger golfers probably aren’t connecting well with golf’s links to somewhat questionable fashion tendencies over the years.

This is where Malbon comes in. Their mission is to inspire today’s youth to participate in what they call, “the greatest game on earth”, by making golf gear cool. LA-based Erica and Stephen Malbon founded Malbon in 2017, after a stroke of inspiration came from friends being tired of Stephen’s golfing shots on his social media. Malbon Golf was born, along with Bucket, the golf ball cartoon mascot. The couple’s tenacity and business experience soon brought about several big brand collaborations such as Nike and Jones Sports Co. Malbon is now a pioneer in the golfing industry; its blend of streetwear and fashion with functional golfing gear has been a smash hit, finding its way into the wardrobes of celebrities like Justin Bieber and Travis Scott. So, as far as watch brand collaborations go, it’s very difficult to say that a link-up with high quality TAG Heuer replica watches doesn’t make sense.

The AAA online TAG Heuer copy watches itself is a Connected Calibre E4, which we have previously covered extensively. This time around, it’s a golf-focused luxury smartwatch. Unlike many smartwatches, it wears more like a large luxury watch, at 45mm in diameter. The modern case design is crafted from grade 2 titanium, DLC-coated with a matte black finish. Its design is sporty and clean, with large bevelled lugs and scalloped sides. The ceramic bezel is fixed, with 18 markings because, well, this is a golfer’s watch, after all.

While the best replica TAG Heuer Golf Edition watches has incorporated colour previously, this special edition goes a little wilder, with a yellow, green, and turquoise combination filling the recesses in the case and bezel. Finishing the top TAG Heuer super clone watches is a matching green and yellow rubberised leather strap with a folding buckle, which has also been adorned in the appropriate colourway. Overall, the look is bold, and seeing that golf is fairly well known for its striking use of colour, it will look the part on the fairway. It’s great for collectors, too, with a special edition Malbon-designed box.

Technically the Swiss made TAG Heuer replica watches is an excellent golfers companion. The Malbon special Edition incorporates all of the technology of the 2022 Golf Edition model, with its array of sensors including an accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, compass, barometer, and a built-in microphone. Water resistance is rated to 50 metres, in case you need to go fishing for that lost ball. It comes with access to an exclusive TAG Heuer Golf app to track your performance on over 40,000 golf courses. Up front is a 1.39″ AMOLED display with 454×454 pixels for a super sharp resolution. Battery life is taken care of with a 440mAh rechargeable battery, which should last at least a full day, or a few rounds of golf, naturally.

Perhaps the only slight disappointment here is that the perfect fake TAG Heuer watches doesn’t deliver anything new regarding technological features. Given it’s based on a watch from 2022, which has similar roots even further back, there has been ample opportunity to roll out newer technologies. However, it has to be mentioned that, unlike its mechanical rivals, this watch obviously has software which can and has been updated on the fly. So there is that, at least. Nevertheless, the Connected Calibre E4 is a highly capable luxury smartwatch, which currently stands fairly well ahead in the market, especially in the golfing sector.

TAG Heuer and Malbon have come together and stuck a finger up to the traditional golfer’s image here, with a bright, bold and striking release which, given the hype around the brand, is sure to be an attractive prospect to younger golfers. And for that matter, it’s likely to appeal to anyone who wants something a little different and wants to try out some of the vast array of TAG Heuer Connected apps, too. Releasing alongside the 2024 wholesale replica TAG Heuer special edition watches is a full merch drop consisting of tees, slightly more subtle golfers’ polo shirts, nylon zip-ups, and, of course, a bucket hat. There’s even a fully embroidered TAG Heuer x Malbon branded golf bag headcovers, too, if you really want to commit to the full look.

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Malbon Golf Edition Price and Availability

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Malbon Golf Edition is available online and in select TAG Heuer boutiques. Price: CHF 2,300

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