In 2015, AAA fake TAG Heuer UK broke into the world of connected watches, making a wager that luxury has its place in the connected world. Seven years later, the results are indeed impressive. Timepieces from the Swiss made replica TAG Heuer Connected collection account for 15% of the company’s total sales. The new addition, the Calibre E4 Porsche Edition, the result of the ongoing collaboration with the prestigious Stuttgart-based carmaker starting in 2019, has all the attributes to increase that percentage even further.

With its proprietary features, this perfect replica TAG Heuer transforms the smartwatch into an intuitive extension of the dashboard of a Taycan or one of the latest hybrid models. Thus, on the OLED screen, the display is animated in the same ice-blue color as the electric sedan’s interior. This color also embellishes the 45mm diameter grade 2 titanium case.

In addition to the cheap replica TAG Heuer‘s familiar data displays, menu navigation enables information on the battery and fuel tank levels, as well as the number of kilometers that can be traveled. The owner also has the ability to remotely adjust the vehicle’s heating and air conditioning. In order to enjoy all of the new convenience features, users must have a Porsche ID, a Porsche Connect subscription, and the My Porsche app installed on both their high quality copy TAG Heuer Connected and phone. Please note that other options will soon be added to the range of possibilities.

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